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Death Records: 1994

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Marriage Images: 0
Death Images: 831


Transcriptions: 1725
Proofed: 1473


When transcribing or proofing, do NOT use your back button to go back and "fix" or finish something if you've hit the "submit" button too soon. This actually overwrites the record for the next certificate.

Accuracy is much more important than speed, but we must keep the project moving. If you need assistance in getting your counties current or reducing your workload, please contact Sue for assistance. If there are extenuating circumstances, we're here to help, but most work can be managed in less than 3 months.

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The project administrators wish to thank you in advance for the work you will do today! You are the ones who make this project what it is. Your dedicaton to the project is evident and is to be commended.

Please try to finish work within 30 days. If you have unusual circumstances, contact Sue for assistance. We expect that most county assignments can be kept at no more than 90 days. It is important for volunteers to communicate circumstances that would keep you from completing assignments so we can best serve both you and our site visitors.

We also want to encourage you to give feedback. This project belongs to all of us. It is only as good as we make it. Your comments and suggestions are greatly valued!

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"My connection to the past, like any Historian's, is through the stuff that's left behind. It's not an imaginative connection, although imagination is part of it. It's about documents, it's about sources, it's about clues, it's about the leavings, the shards, the remnants of people who once lived and don't live anymore. Without the documents, there's no history."

-- Laurel T. Ulrich