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Privacy Policy

It is our policy to protect the privacy and safety of living individuals. Records will not be posted on this site for any individual who may be living. It doesn't take much information to steal someone's identity. It only takes an address to rob a widow. It isn't fair to a family who has suffered with a family member's alcoholism for years to suddenly find his death certificate posted to the world. We are working very hard to place genealogical documents online for the public but reserve the right to use prudence and sensitivity in determining the genealogical worth of each document.

Birth records will be accepted for persons born more than 100 years ago. Kentucky has recently passed legislation requiring this cutoff. At some point, we may visit the possibility of allowing submitters to post birth records for deceased, closely-related persons born between 50 and 100 years ago who also died more than 50 years ago.

Marriage records will be accepted for marriages performed more than 75 years ago. We will accept marriage record submissions for closely-related individuals for those married less than 75 years ago only when BOTH parties are deceased and it is deemed to not violate the privacy or compromise the safety of any living individual.

Death records will be accepted for persons who died at least 50 years ago. We will accept death certificates for persons who died less than 50 years ago only from a close relative, and only when it is deemed to not violate the privacy or compromise the safety of any living individual.

Please understand that if you submit information to us that does not meet these requirements, it will not be posted.

Great Grandma Daniel

"She calls to me from long ago; through sunlit skies; through drifts of snow. In clouds that dance upon the sea, I call to her, and she to me.

So real was she. She laughed; she cried. She loved; she lost. She lived; she died. She hoped and dreamed; so real was she. She lived a life that I may be.

The blood through which my veins does flow is the same as her's from long ago. So it will be that when I'm gone in an unborn child it will flow on.

I'll live my life and when it's done I'll live again in those to come. For I'm a bridge from she to me; from those that were, to those to be."

-- Darlene Caryl-Stevens