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Thank You! To the KYVITALS Volunteer Army

(Need volunteer) -- Kentucky Vital Records Project Coordinator
Sonja Ratliff -- Assistant Project Coordinator, Imaging
Janice Armstrong -- Assistant Project Coordinator, Deciphering
Barbara O'Nan -- Assistant Project Coordinator, Special Projects
Sue Robertaccio -- Assistant Project Coordinator, Workflow Management
Jason Melis -- Assistant Project Coordinator, Programming

Project development:  Sheryl Slaughter, Sherri Hall Bradley, Nancy Trice, Kathy Daniel, Tanya Holliday, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Family History Department staff members in Salt Lake City, Pam Carey Durstock, Rancy Winch, Pat, Elsi and other volunteers with the RootsWeb helpdesk.

Emeritus Staff Previously Holding Administrative Assignments:   Ellen L. "Lynn" Penick -- Assistant Project Coordinator-Transcription, Willis "Pat" Oliver -- Assistant Project Coordinator-Indexing, Sherri Bradley -- Project Coordinator, Tanya Holliday -- Assistant Project Coordinator, Programming, Sheila Strickland -- Assistant Project Coordinator-Imaging, Sheryl Slaughter -- Project Coordinator 2003-2012

In memory of our deceased volunteers:   Willis "Pat" Oliver, Marilyn Phelps, Teddy DeFord, Janet Brown

Transcribers, Proofers, Image Processors, Programmers:   Lisa Alexander, Mary Alexander, Angela Amerine, Janice Armstrong, Edith Bastin, Patsy Benton, Letha Berry, Kim Bogie, Shirley Bolar, Michael Bolin, Nina Bollman, Diane Bollschweiler, Betty Boyers, Sherri Bradley, Mariah Brazil, Ruth Bridgens, Jana Burns, Rebecca Callahan, Janet Calvert, Carol Cantrell, Brian Caudill, Sherrie Childers, Kris Clow, Ronda Coleman, Shannon Compton, Steve Conner, Pattie Cooper, Sue Cooper, Debbie Coulter, Angela Crabtree, Sheryl Craig, Rev. Jim Crowe, Kathy Daniel, Julie Daulton, Gene Davis, George Davis, Marlene Dawson, Pam Carey Durstock, Heather Egelston, Anita Eggen, Jane Etheredge, Paula Farrell, Golden Ferguson, Mary Fisher, Marie Freeman, Ken and Peggy Gilkey, Jackie Gin, Ann Glenn, Leigh Gray, Jamie Grimes, Alma B. "Bee" Guthrie, Tina Hall, Kathy Hamilton, Nancy Hannah, Barbara Harbold, Catherine Harris, Charlie Hartley, Charee Harvey, Mary Hatton, Esther Haugh, Tom Hembrey, Rebecca Henderson, Tom Hennessee, Sonia Hensley, Carol Ann Hibbert, Arron Hieatt, Mary Hulm, Susan Hurt, Margie Irwin, Pamela Jeannet, Annette Jones, Emily Jones, Kathy Jones, Brandy Jordan, Cora Jordan, Brenda Kaufman, Kate Keller, Colleen Kelly, Kerry Kirk, Michael Kretman, Lisa Kuney, Wanda Langdon, Erica Layne, Anne Lee, Robert Lippert, Paddy Lorenz, Becky Madruga, Gloria Marcum, Nancy Marshall, Eva Mays, Schannon McCloud, Bax McClure, Marla McCullough, Ann McDaniel, Mark McDonald, Kathy McKinney, Jason Melis, Jeanette Melis, Mary Ann Merritt, Michelle Michael, Rebecca Miller, Roxanne Moores, Elva Morgan, Gloria Motter, Sandy Muncy, Brenda Nichols, Mike Oliver, Carolyn Olney, Barbara O'Nan, Missey Orange, Carol Osborne, Sheila Owens, Sandy Oxner, Twyla Padgett, Diane Parsons, Patti Partin, Tiffany Patterson, Annette Peebles, Della Perez, Penny Perry, Vicki Peyton, Nancy Pfannenstiel, Rhonda Poston, Quan Pruitt, Sonja Ratliff, Erica Reed, Janice Reed, William Reed, Russ Reffitt, Bob Regan, Judy Rengel, Barbara Rice, Kay Richards, Lori Riley, Phil Rivera, Sue Robertaccio, Lisa Rogier, Joshua Roma, Christine Ross, Marianne Rouse, Joy Ann Roy, Brenda Royse, Samuel Sabel, Beverly Sandefur, Brenda Sanders, Denise Scafidi, Barbara Schan, Loxi Schneider, Belinda Self, Betty Sellers, Dianna "Dee" Sells, Melissa Sinkus, Kenneth Shelton, Teresa Skaggs, Ann Small, Kathy Smith, Rhonda Smith, Bonnie Snow, Cassy Sommers, Mary South, Keisha Spangler, Linda Spencer, Kevin Stacey, Betsy Stanford, Helen Stanford, Carrie Stanton, Norine Sterkel, Joyce Stover, Sheila Strickland, Sandra Stutzman, Judy Suszko, Karen Sycamore, Patsy Tabbert, Ryan Taber, Sharon Tabor, Rhonda Tackett, Debbie Tamborski, Josh Taylor, Cindy Taylor-Matuse, Gary Thompson, Jerri Thompson, Rene Thompson, Sarah "Cissy" Thompson, Fanny Timmer, Nancy Trice, Bill Utterback, Louise Venor, Alice Warner, Joann Wasson, Jean Watson, Sara Wheeler, Nancy White, Patricia Wulff, Dotty Zumparelli

Image Donations:   Kerry Kirk, Sherri Hall Bradley, Jerry Moore, Virginia Aldridge, Edith Bastin, Teddy DeFord, Cassy Sommers, Carol Olney, Virgil Scalf, Judy Lawler, Debbie Smothers, Mary Hatton, Joyce Stover

The KYGenWeb County Coordinators, Assistant County Coordinators and Special Projects Coordinators have donated funds to purchase 44 rolls of microfilm to be made available to the project.

The Russell County Public Library and Russell County Historical Society have made a commitment to loan more than 400 rolls of microfilm to our project in exchange for a CD of the finished images.

Dudley and Malinda Barnett

"My feelings are in each family there is one who seems called to find the ancestors. To put flesh on their bones and make them live again, to tell the family story and to feel that somehow they know and approve.

To me, doing genealogy is not a cold gathering of facts but, instead, breathing life into all who have gone before."

-- author unknown