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Volunteering to help with the project

Thank you for considering giving of your time to work on such a worthy project!!

We are particularly in need of volunteers to crop the digital images before uploading them to the site. This is a very simple procedure and requires a high-speed internet connection, an image editing software such as Adobe PhotoShop Elements or PaintShop Pro and an FTP software (which can be downloaded as freeware). No experience needed.

We need help shooting images from microfilm. Equipment needed for this assignment includes a good digital camera, a tripod, and access to a microfilm reader and a cd burner or ftp software (available free). We can provide the films.

We also need help from people with access to microfilm scanners that can scan to a .jpg file. These are usually located at public libraries, university libraries and some LDS Family History Centers. So far in the Kentucky area, we've identified them at the University of Louisville, Jeffersonville, Indiana public library on Plank Road, University of Kentucky Young Library, the Kenton County library in Covington and the Family History Center on Ridge Road in Cincinnati, Ohio. We provide the microfilm.

We need persons to match up and rename records. You would receive a cd of images and must match up 2-3 images for each person, then rename the images according to our instructions, copy them to cd and return them to us. Time commitment 2 hours per week and up. The only equipment you need is a cd burner or ftp software (can be downloaded as freeware).

We always need transcribers to help transcribe the records. The only equipment needed is a computer with internet connection. You'll pull up the images online and transcribe them into an online form.

If you aren't sure whether you are ready to make a commitment to volunteer, you can help out by joining the decipher-l mailing list. On this list, you will have opportunities to assist project volunteers as they request help deciphering difficult-to-read handwriting. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to: decipher-l-request@rootsweb.com.

You can volunteer to help with processing, scanning or shooting images by contacting the imaging administrator.

You can volunteer to help with transcribing the images by contacting the project administrator administrator.

Great Grandma Daniel

"She calls to me from long ago; through sunlit skies; through drifts of snow. In clouds that dance upon the sea, I call to her, and she to me.

So real was she. She laughed; she cried. She loved; she lost. She lived; she died. She hoped and dreamed; so real was she. She lived a life that I may be.

The blood through which my veins does flow is the same as her's from long ago. So it will be that when I'm gone in an unborn child it will flow on.

I'll live my life and when it's done I'll live again in those to come. For I'm a bridge from she to me; from those that were, to those to be."

-- Darlene Caryl-Stevens